Sunday, April 14

Thank you for changing yourself for me.

Writing this post which serves the purpose to my one and only royal reader.

Today I'm gonna express my gratitude to you.

Dear Alvin,
My love for the past 6 years, I'm never the one that does these usually but today's the exception. I feel that I have never given you enough after what you have done for me in the recent years. I am never always the weak one in the relationship, I need to be the winning party during arguments, I'm never the one that said sorry even if I'm at fault. Thank you for being the understanding one. I have insecurities but you're always the one that assured me. I'm sorry for being insensitive to you when I decided to go Taiwan with both my friends. If it was me in my shoes, I wouldn't able to take it. You knew me. You know I don't listen anymore once I had decided. If it was the old you, the consequences.. I wouldn't even have to imagine. Thank you for changing yourself for me. Changing your mindset along with mine. Thank you for including me in your future. Thank you for all the life lessons along the way. Thank you for being there for me. Not knowing how to express love into words when I'm with you. It must be the comfortableness I get when I'm with you. I'm myself when I'm with you. My best friend, my brother, my lover. I promise not to give you any disappointments anymore..



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